Success mentality: how women can thrive

If you find yourself juggling between family and job, daily routine and long-term goals, believe me, you are not the only one. If you sometimes feel like a loser and your life is a chaos, I can assure you all women have been there too. Woman’s professional success is often hindered by the sacrifices she makes for the family: raising children, taking care of the house, being there for her husband. The modern cosmopolitan world brings additional family and job challenges. Women often marry foreigners and have to adapt to a new country, culture and language. After several years of babysitting and housekeeping you start doubting in yourself. Especially if you are an expat and your diploma is worth nothing...
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dream job

Dream job: how to get it?

Do you keep thinking about your dream job, but actually hate your current job? Sometimes, it's a big puzzle to figure out what we really want and how to get it. The more you discover about yourself, the clearer your desired position and work environment will become. Therefore, I will try to focus on the best fit between your personality and the job. I guess, everybody agrees that one person can be happy in the same position where another person would be dying of boredom. For example, Jane feels like a fish in the water being an accountant and Simon hates this job. What makes the difference? Most likely, the first one chose the profession based on her own likes...
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how to heal a broken heart

How to heal a broken heart?

Have you been asking yourself how to heal a broken heart? Well, human beings are not purely rational. We are not advanced robots that can shut down the program if it‘s not functional. The problem is, we are spiritual beings, full of emotions, desires, needs, values and beliefs, right? Without loving, just like without air, we would die inside. The main principle is that the less we feel loved at home, the earlier we tend to seek a loving relationship outside. That’s basically why the age of having sex has advanced. Everybody falls in love at a certain life stage, because it is the essence of our being. The deep psychological truth is, however, that in our intimate relationships, we...
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decision making

Decision making: key to success

Decision making is usually hindered by fears: fear of failure, losing one’s face, job, partner, comfort, and fear of change, and uncertainty. Thus, the key to success is to uncover hidden fear and not let it paralyze you. Confront your fear The biggest challenge in decision making is that most people aren’t aware about their inner fears. We, as social creatures, are educated to be fearless, so we suppress this feeling since childhood and control ourselves so well that we start believing we are invincible. For example, one client wished to start his own business, but kept on postponing the decision to leave his annoying job. He kept on dreaming, but took no action towards his goal. Thus, in two...
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depression symptoms

Daily blues or depression symptoms?

It is natural to feel sad, hopeless, helpless and left all by yourself sometimes. We feel down when we lose a job, an important person, after a miscarriage, or due to another major crisis. Are these simply daily blues or depression symptoms? Should you start getting worried? People of all ages, starting with children, might become depressed. Though sex and genetics do play a role, women are twice as likely to deal with depression. If somebody in your family had depression, you have higher chance of getting it. Due to high rate of suicides, untreated depression can end up very bad. Depression symptoms Psychologists agree that clinical depression symptoms are emotional, cognitive and physical: Persistent feelings of sadness and/or anxiety...
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stressed out

Stressed out? Powerful self-help exercises

Do you feel stressed out almost every day? How tense is your working day, usually? How demanding or emotional is your partner? How needy and energy-draining are your kids? Most of us live a very stressful life to the point that it begins to seem normal. “It’s cool, I’m ok” we keep on saying, but are you? In this blog, I will suggest you some stress relief techniques. Deep breathing exercise Next time when you feel stressed out, try a deep breathing exercise. As stress symptoms are psychosomatic, by changing physiological factors, you can change your state of mind. It is a universal and powerful tool to be used anywhere. How does it work? Take a deep breath (count 10...
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