career coaching

Career coaching

Whatever you desire: a higher salary, a better position, more recognition, freedom and flexibility, we can work it through. It might also be that you aren’t satisfied with your current job, but don’t know what to change. I will help you clarify your strengths and job preferences, and if needed, guide you on the way to career change or start of your business.

As a professional career coach I can help you balance work and life. Staying late in the office, bringing work home, combining work and family on the weekends has become a norm. Most of us believe that work–life balance is a myth, that we have to sacrifice our personal life to make a successful career. However, the Pareto principle proves we are wrong. It states that, in many cases, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of our time and energy. Thus, I can empower you to learn and work smarter, to prioritize, to optimize, to delegate, and to change harmful habits.

I can also help you tackle professional burn-out. One of the biggest burn-out sources is perfectionism. As an experienced coach I will help you discover the sources and mechanism of perfectionism so that you can switch it off when needed. Another internal burn-out source comes from an inability to say no and set limits. We’ll work this issue through. Finally, disability to manage stress comes into stage. In these personalized sessions you will learn various techniques to relax and make your detailed career plan. As a career coach I will guide you on the way how to accomplish it.


  • Career planning
  • Defining your strengths
  • Dealing with perfectionism
  • Inability to say no
  • Stress management
  • Women empowerment
  • Leadership development


  • Set priorities and clarify values
  • Eliminate obstacles to success
  • Make career faster
  • Find your professional direction
  • Boost your productivity
  • Deal with procrastination
  • Increase satisfaction in your work