Do you keep thinking about your dream job, but actually hate your current job? Sometimes, it’s a big puzzle to figure out what we really want and how to get it. The more you discover about yourself, the clearer your desired position and work environment will become. Therefore, I will try to focus on the best fit between your personality and the job.

I guess, everybody agrees that one person can be happy in the same position where another person would be dying of boredom. For example, Jane feels like a fish in the water being an accountant and Simon hates this job. What makes the difference? Most likely, the first one chose the profession based on her own likes and talents and the other one based on his parents’ or friends’ suggestions.

However, even if we chose the right profession, there are different roles and positions within it. For example, John can be very satisfied as a salesperson, but feel very frustrated as a manager in the same field. So, the dream job must fulfill our natural inclinations and our top needs.

Our natural inclinations can be classified into pragmatic versus analytic, emotional versus logical, social versus preserved, generalist or specialist, and technical or people-oriented. There are various tests which can help you define your strengths and weaknesses. There are six basic human needs that are universal. However, everybody values two needs above the others.

To put it bluntly, everybody needs significance, stability, variety, good relationships at work, professional growth, and contribution. But, if Marilyn values stability most of all, she will feel fulfilled in routine and repetitive tasks. For example, customer service, quality management, and any field with strict rules and procedures will suit her. On the other hand, Daniel values variety above all, so he prefers challenging, risky tasks and keeps on changing positions within a company. He feels satisfied by learning and trying new things, so he can be good in fields that ask for more creativity and courage. For example, business development, innovation management, or sales.

If you want to know more about your top needs and inclinations or how to find and get your dream job, you can contact me and I’ll be happy to guide you.