dream job

Dream job: how to get it?

Do you keep thinking about your dream job, but actually hate your current job? Sometimes, it’s a big puzzle to figure out what we really want and how to get it. The more you discover about yourself, the clearer your …
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how to heal a broken heart

How to heal a broken heart?

Have you been asking yourself how to heal a broken heart? Well, human beings are not purely rational. We are not advanced robots that can shut down the program if it‘s not functional. The problem is, we are spiritual beings, …
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depression symptoms

Daily blues or depression symptoms?

It is natural to feel sad, hopeless, helpless and left all by yourself sometimes. We feel depressed when we lose a job, an important person, after a miscarriage or in another major crisis. But when to start worrying? What are clinical depression symptoms and predispositions?
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stressed out

Stressed out? Powerful self-help exercises

Do you feel stressed out almost every day? How tense is usually your working day? How demanding or emotional is your partner? How needy and energy-draining are your kids? Most of us live a very stressful life to the point it becomes a norm. “It’s cool, I’m ok” we keep on saying, but are you? In this blog I will suggest you some stress relief techniques.
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