Do you feel stressed out almost every day? How tense is your working day, usually? How demanding or emotional is your partner? How needy and energy-draining are your kids? Most of us live a very stressful life to the point that it begins to seem normal. “It’s cool, I’m ok” we keep on saying, but are you? In this blog, I will suggest you some stress relief techniques.

Deep breathing exercise

Next time when you feel stressed out, try a deep breathing exercise. As stress symptoms are psychosomatic, by changing physiological factors, you can change your state of mind. It is a universal and powerful tool to be used anywhere. How does it work? Take a deep breath (count 10 seconds) and then slowly breathe it out. Repeat for 5-10 minutes. You will notice how your muscles relax and you start feeling more at peace.

Meditation exercise

Another effective anti-stress exercise is meditation. To put it bluntly, meditation means focusing on the present. It is a helpful tool, as often, stress appears when we focus on the future and imagine doom scenarios. Relaxing our music also calms down our mind. How does it work? Sit down comfortably, put on meditation music, close your eyes, and try not to think. If you are new to it, you will be bombarded by your own thoughts at first. Another possibility is to open your eyes and focus on one thing, for example, a plant. Do this for 15-30 minutes.

Guided imagery exercise

When you are stressed out, you can try guided imagery as well. It requires some practice, but it is a powerful technique that pays off. You involve your creativity and consciousness to help you overcome stress. How does it work? Sit or lie down comfortably. With relaxing music or peaceful nature sounds, imagine that you are near the sea or in the mountains. You can also imagine a place that brings you very peaceful or joyful memories. Emerge into that experience. Use your four senses to intensify it. Focus on what you see, hear, taste, and feel. Do this for 5-15 minutes. You will come out as a new-born!

Positive affirmation and visualization

Positive affirmations and visualizations might prevent you from getting stressed out. Before that important meeting, or every morning, take the time to become more self-confident and plant success. I guess, you’ve heard about the placebo effect and other examples of how powerful the human mind is. You might as well learn how to make him your companion, not your enemy. How does it work? Take a deep breath, relax, look at the mirror, and repeat the positive affirmations in present time: I am successful, I am influential, I am smart, I am beautiful, I am wise, I am a winner. Choose whichever suits you best. Then, you close your eyes and visualize success in a needed situation. It is important to visualize as clearly as possible with details.