If you find yourself juggling between family and job, daily routine and long-term goals, believe me, you are not the only one. If you sometimes feel like a loser and your life is a chaos, I can assure you all women have been there too. Woman’s professional success is often hindered by the sacrifices she makes for the family: raising children, taking care of the house, being there for her husband.

The modern cosmopolitan world brings additional family and job challenges. Women often marry foreigners and have to adapt to a new country, culture and language. After several years of babysitting and housekeeping you start doubting in yourself. Especially if you are an expat and your diploma is worth nothing in this country. You struggle to get job interviews and prove yourself. Perhaps you have learned the language, but you lost self-confidence.

For example, Linda is a Brasilian who married an American, had three children and stayed five years at home. Her level of English is good, but she suffered many turndowns and the loss of her identity. In her home country she was working as a doctor, but here she is not with husband slowly turned into continuous fights and the children for whom she sacrificed so much are giving her headaches.

Now you don’t need to be an expat to find yourself sacrificing for your husband’s promotions or your children’s benefits. The common thing what happens after sacrificing your own dreams, sooner or later you start feeling a victim, underappreciated by your husband and kids. You lose your precious identity of a strong independent professional to a loser. Why? Because in upbringing it’s hard to achieve, one victory brings another failure. You start lashing out your frustration on beloved ones and thus, worsen your relationships. You stop searching for work as you lose hope and become a boring housewife. Or at least you start feeling this way. You forget that you are a source of incredible creativity and flexibility, next to your professional credentials and unique talents.

So what is the solution, you’ll ask. You need to pull yourself back together and start believing in bright future. You need to start dreaming and make an action plan how to manifest it. Remember your success years, feel it, absorb it, picture it in your mind again. This will energize you. The law of attraction claims success is not an accident, it’s your new identity. Start brainstorming what you wish for yourself: a change in career, a position in a multinational company or your own business. Develop a strategy how to get there, take a course, join some club, do some networking and research. Try new things out and maybe you’ll find your hidden talents (women start singing or making jewellery while housesitting). The secret is to be approaching your dream in small steps, but continuously. So, believe in yourself, in prosperity and take action every day.